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Cialis 40

Quantity Price Bonus A piece
10 33 X 10 pill 161.21 zł 0 16.12 zł
20 34 X 20 pill 281.26 zł 2 12.78 zł
40 35 X 40 pill 524.79 zł 4 11.93 zł
80 36 X 80 pill 970.69 zł 8 11.03 zł
150 37 X 150 pill 1,516.06 zł 15 9.19 zł
300 38 X 300 pill 2,425.01 zł 20 7.58 zł

Cialis 40 mg, analogue of Vidalita 40 — means to increase potency, known for its efficiency. Manufactured by Centurion Laboratories, this drug has long established itself among men of all ages.

Cialis dosage 40 mg effectively fights with the weak potency due to the content component called Tadalafil. Kind of Cialis is similar to viagra, although it has an important difference: its effect lasts longer. The effect can last up to forty-eight hours!

Thanks Tadalafil improves blood circulation, it enhances blood flow to the sex organ. Along with this slows down the outflow, thus achieving sustainable and stable erection. Cialis belongs to a group of medicines called inhibitors of PDE-5.

Vidalita 40 is an analogue of Cialis. Sometimes confused: the difference is that the original can only be bought in drugstores and its purchase requires a prescription. Moreover, the name generic Cialis 40 is not entirely correct, because it is not produced at this dosage, in contrast to Vitality 40 mg.

It has the following differences. Vidalita allows the simultaneous use of alcohol (though it must be remembered that alcohol in large doses also negatively affect the erection). When active the sexual stimulation, the drug begins to act after thirty or forty minutes after ingestion. The effect of the action, as mentioned, may last up to forty-eight hours. The risk of occurrence and development of various side effects is minimal. Also a list of contraindications to the drug is quite small.The tool can be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and to improve the potency, quality and duration of sexual intercourse.

The drug is sold in tablets Packed in blisters. One blister contains ten tablets. In one pill forty milligram of the substance. The standard dose is the twenty milligram, it is enough for maintaining erection for a period of thirty-six to forty-eight hours.

Thus, it is recommended to take half a pill, not later than 15 minutes before the expected sexual contact. The recommended frequency of admission — once a day.

Prior to using Cialis it is better to obtain a doctor's permission. The main contraindications: age under eighteen years of age, concomitant use of medications containing organic nitrates, hypersensitivity to the funds or its individual components (e.g. tadalafil or lactose). Also should be careful people with kidney failure and cardiovascular disease. More contraindications listed in the instructions, you should read it carefully before taking funds.