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Cialis 20

Quantity Price Bonus A piece
10 39 X 10 pill 120.05 zł 0 12.01 zł
20 40 X 20 pill 240.10 zł 2 10.91 zł
40 41 X 40 pill 411.60 zł 4 9.35 zł
80 42 X 80 pill 686.00 zł 8 7.80 zł
150 43 X 150 pill 1,303.40 zł 15 7.90 zł
300 44 X 300 pill 2,058.00 zł 20 6.43 zł

The use of Cialis in a dosage of 20 mg (1 tablet) for 16 minutes before sexual intimacy provides a man with a confident erection. It is used in erectile dysfunction, which has no organic causes.

The dosage of 20 mg is suitable to ensure the erection in cases where sexual intimacy occurs less frequently than 2 times per week. Cialis belongs to the premium segment among similar drugs, is an original tadalofil, passed, unlike generics, the entire cycle of pre - and clinical trials. Valid for 36 hours, so he received the alias "weekend pill". The advantages of the drug are compatibility with alcohol and the independence of the effect of eating. Tablets of 20 mg are used no more than once a day.
Clinical pharmacology

At physiological erection the desire for intimacy, arousal triggers the biochemical mechanism of allocation in the cavernous tissue of the penis neurotransmitter nitric oxide, it contributes to the accumulation of collegeanduniversity (cGMP). It activates the relaxation of the walls of the vessels of the penis, providing blood flow to his spongy tissues.

The active substance Cialis tadalafil belongs to a group of drugs — blockers of the enzyme PDE-5, breaks his work. This selectively and reversibly increases the concentration of cGMP. Under its action, the walls of the arteries of the penis expand. Increased blood filling of cavernous tissue while reducing the outflow leads to an increase in the size, elasticity of the penis. The mechanism of erection when taking tadalafil is similar to natural.

Cialis does not act in the absence of sexual incentives, this guarantees the consumer from an unplanned erection. Designed to improve erectile function only in men over 18 years of age.
Features and contraindications

Do not use for:

    the use of cardiac drugs from the nitrate group, as it is possible a marked decrease in blood pressure;
    myocardial infarction; stroke in the preceding six months;
    unstable angina, chronic heart failure;
    hypotension (below 90/50);
    uncontrolled hypertension;
    partitially anterior ischemic optic neuropathies;
    lactose intolerance;
    simultaneous use of other drugs to increase potency, doxazosin.

Application requires caution when:

    cardiovascular diseases requiring restrictions in the sexual sphere and abstinence;
    the diseases which may develop priapism;
    renal failure (if used more than 2 times a week);
    deformities of the penis.

Among the side effects there are:

    transient violation of fields of view (less 0,01 %), vision clarity;
    a drop in blood pressure;
    headache, dizziness.